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Summary Statement

After writing all the three career episodes, a table is completed which is called summary statement. All of your competencies, engineering ability , personal and professional attributes are mentioned in a summary statement. We have an excellent team who can figure out your competencies after assessing your career episodes and generate an attractive summary statement for you.

Based on three career episodes, you have to prepare a summary statement where you have to demonstrate the activities that can claim your competencies to Engineers Australia.
As like Career episode, summary statement is prepared for four kinds of professionals based on the experience and the skills of the applicant on the engineering field.
  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist

Summary Statement contains three columns : 

  • The first column contains the skills you have to demosntrate.
  • In the second column, you need to fill in a sentence or a two about how you applied the particular skill.
  • In the third column, you need to mention the paragraph in the career episode where you have applied the mentioned skill. 

Summary Statement for Professional Engineers

Competency Element RequiredA brief summary of how you have applied the elementParagraph number in the career episode(s) where the element is addressed
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the engineering discipline.
PE1.2 Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics, and computer and information sciences which underpin the engineering discipline.
PE1.3 In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline.
PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline.
PE1.5 Knowledge of contextual factors impacting the engineering discipline.
PE1.6 Understanding of the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline.
PE2.1 Application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving.
PE2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources.
PE2.3 Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes.
PE2.4 Application of systematic approaches to the conduct and management of engineering projects.
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability.
PE3.2 Effective oral and written communication in professional and lay domains.
PE3.3 Creative, innovative and pro-active demeanour.
PE3.4 Professional use and management of information.
PE3.5 Orderly management of self and professional conduct.
PE3.6 Effective team membership and team leadership.

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