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For many years now, Australia has been recognized as the destination for engineers. Engineers Australia is the governing body for Engineers in Australia. Australia is known for its heartily welcoming the skilled foreign nationals and giving them a quick opportunity for permanent Residence. Engineering professionals who studied in Australia as well as the engineers who studied offshore is welcomed by Australia for permanent residence. For offshore engineers, their skills are accessed by Engineers Australia with the help of Competency Demonstration Report Writing, also known as CDR Writing. Whatever be the means of assessment, Engineers get a top class salary in Australia and their savings are good too. This makes it the reason why Engineers choose Australia as a country of immigration.
Engineering professionals typically earn more than 100k Dollars in Australia per year. Based on their income, engineers have been ranked below:

  • Electrical Engineers

According to the highest earning that engineers get, electrical engineers are the highest paid in Australia. Though their salary typically starts from AUD$75000, they get AUD$152,580 when they get to the top of the hierarchy of electrical engineers.

  • Civil Engineers

Second to Electrical engineers, Civil engineers are the highest paid in Australia. The maximum salary that civil engineers get in Australia is AUD$120000 per annum. Professional civil engineers can work independently if they have a professional License. Engineers Australia provides engineers with professional license. For abroad engineers whose qualifications are not recognized, they are given the opportunity to apply by writing Competency demonstration report ( CDR Report writing ).

  • Software Engineers

Software engineers earn from AUD$57000 to AUD$112000 per year in Australia. Web developers are in special demand among software engineers in Australia. Even if you don’t have a Software Engineering Degree, you can apply through the path of RPL assessment.

  • Mechanical Engineers

The role and responsibility of mechanical engineers is to design, testing and development of mechanical engineered products. In Australia, Mechanical Engineers earn from AUD$55000 to AUD$110000.  This makes them the fourth highest paid. Assessment through CDR Reports for the engineer who studied in foreign countries is available. A positive CDR Report assessment from Engineers Australia make the engineers directly acquire permanent Residence in Australia.

  • Bio-Medical Engineers Australia

According to our analysis at present, Bio-Medical Engineers come at the bottom, though not at the bottommost among the entire engineering community. They contribute to the synthesis of new medical treatment techniques that are marketable. The salary of Bio-medical Engineers start from AUD$51000 and goes past AUD$90000 at present. The market for Bio-Medical Engineer is still to increase. Bio-Medical Engineers from abroad can also reach Australia as a permanent Resident through the pathway of CDR Report assessment.
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