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Complete CDR Report Preparation

If the title of your degree is not the same as your title of Occupation Or if your qualification is not officially recognized by Engineers Australia, you need to submit a CDR Report. A complete CDR Report consists of 3 Career Episodes, 1 Continuing CPD and 1 summary statement report. The most asked service pricing for a complete CDR Report Preparation is AUD$699. For detailed Pricing, Please Refer to our Pricing Section.
The Engineers Australia Documentation says that Career Episodes are the accounts of your engineering world Academics and Work Experience. In each career episode, you focus on your engineering projects of a particular date range and the engineering activities performed within that date range. Therefore, it must be remembered that you must also possess the work experience certificate in order to write appropriate career episode about it.

The Work Experience Certificate must clearly mention the account of your duties and responsibilities during your employment so that you can highlight your innovative engineering abilities and problem solving skills in your career episode report. 

You can find the tips related to how to write the best career episode which can’t face rejection is mentioned in this link.
After completing your Career Episode, you must write a Summary Statement. First of all, you have to verify yourself whether you have addressed all the competency elements in the respective occupation category. Then, you have to decide which competency element has been explained in each of the Career Episode Paragraphs. Then, you have to fill up the summary statement.

The Best Summary Statement can attract the attention of the evaluators of Engineers Australia in your application and most probably getting you a positive assessment. Our Summary Statement writing price ranges from AUD$80 to AUD$149. 

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