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We have a team of CDR Report Writers which has been providing CDR Writing Service and are update with the trends of approval from Engineers Australia.
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Proper Guidance from our CDR Report Writers will only get you a Positive Assessment

A lot of engineers get harsh rejection from Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia requires you to fulfill guidelines and requirements which are often times difficult to comprehend and fulfill. We give you strong project and the best CDR writing help possible. 


Why do you need CDR Expert help from CDR Report Writers ?

  • Poor Project Solution
  • Poor Report Structure
  • Insufficient Report Content
  • Plagiarisms in CDR Reports

Why Choose CDR Expert's Report Writing Service


Optimum Price

We provide you service at the best optimum price.


Good Report Structure

Our report will match the required report structure. 

On Time Delivery


We deliver you the reports on time.

Plagiarism Free Report

We guarantee you plagiarism-free report.

Our Speciality



We are the agency who is primarily located in the heart of Australia, the city Melbourne.



All of our CDR Report writers are licensed professional engineers.


Familiarity with Immigration

Our team has years of experience of the migration procedure and expert at addressing EA comments.


Our Work Process
Here at CDR Expert Australia, we focus on making the overall process of tutoring, writing the CDR reports and reviewing efficient. Certain steps are followed in order to make the workflow smoother. The processes that we follow are given below:

In the first step, you check what are the services provided by us using our pricing menu or by talking with us. You make the partial payment and purchase our services. Then you submit required details like CV and your projects to our writers. 


In the second step, our CDR Report writers ,consisting of expert engineers, will prepare a unique, plagiarism-free draft for you and then show you the draft. Then we make sure that the CDR report will satisfy your requirements for a successful Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. 


The third step will consist of preparation of final reports. The finalized cdr reports will be sent to you for your revision and reviews. 


The final step comprises of further corrections and revisions in case you recieve comments from Engineers Australia. This will complete our CDR Report writing service. Our CDR Report writers has handled a lot of comments from Engineers Australia in the past and know how to cope up with them well. 

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We are available at all times to help you succeed in getting positive assessment from EA. 

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