7 Tips to Write a Good Career Episode Engineers Australia


A Career Episode is the main part of the CDR report which you present to Engineers Australia in order to migrate yourself as a permanent resident of your dream country Australia. Career Episode has its own format. The format is presented in the MSA Booklet provided as a guideline by Engineers Australia itself. Strictly adhering to the MSA booklet should bring you a positive result.

Engineering careers throughout the world is full of ups and downs. Not all engineers do have equally good project that they can rely on for a positive assessment. So, engineers may need a good project which has got a few additional value than the ones they are engaged.

Strictly adhering to the career episode format is always rewarding though. Writing everything in format has often resulted in Engineers Australia giving a positive feedback. Also, Engineers Australia doesn’t ask for the original report for such a rewarding career episode.


Some of the things that you must note in order to write a rewarding Career Episode Engineers Australia is :

  1. You should write in perfect professional and communicative English language so that your ability to convey ideas effectively is reflected in your language. If you have problem with this, you might consider taking a CDR writing help.
  2. You should make sure that you include every evidence of the project like photos, diagrams, calculations, tables etc.
  3. You must ensure that the word size of your writing is perfect. Becoming over-explanative may often backfire. So the language must be effective and within the word limit.
  4. You should focus on the application part of the project rather than the theoretical engineering knowledge which you have.
  5. Your career episode becomes rewarding if you are able to include a ground breaking idea discovered during your project even if the idea generated is not your own.
  6. Not just the overall word count, but the word count of the individual sections in a career episode must also be met.
  7. The career episode must be written in four sections namely a short introduction of approximately 150 words, a background of 200 to 500 words, personal engineering activity section in 600 to 1500 words depending on the project and a summary of approximately 100 words.

If you have any problem in writing career episode engineers Australia, you can contact CDR Expert Australia

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