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Career Episode Report Writing

Career Episodes are written for Engineers Australia in order to provide the information about candidate’s work experience, academic background and knowledge of english language. Career episodes are written in 2000 words and each career episode focuses on a particular project that the engineers have handled during their academic and professional career. Career episodes are written for four categories namely engineering managers, engineering associates, professional engineers and engineering technologists.
Career Episodes are based upon the following upon:
  • Engineering projects done for the academic qualifications.
  • Project that you are undergoing or have done during your professional career.
  • The position that you hold currently or that you held during your professional career.
  • Engineering problems that you solved in your work.
Each career episodes should be written in english language.
  • Sufficient amounts of diagrams, tables, photos and calculations should be included as engineering evidence of the project mentioned in the career episodes.
  • The word count of the career Episode should be between 1000 words and 2500 words.
  • Engineering problems and its solutions needs to be stated in order to prove the competency.
Career Episodes follow the format given below:


  • Introduction is written in approximately 150 words. The introduction portion should include things as
    • The name of the organisation
    • The geographical location where the project occurred.
    • The chronology of the project
  • Background

  • Background is written in approximately 300 words. Background portion includes contexts which may include:
    • The nature of the engineering project
    • nature of the work
    • The objectives of the project
    • A chart showing the organisational structure
    • A statement of your duties
  • Personal Engineering Activity

  • This is the main body of the report and it should encompass what you encountered in your engineering activities and what you did in the project in order to solve a problem or complete the project. It should be written in first person narrative
    • How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills
    • The tasks given to you and how you performed the activity
    • Any particular technical difficulties that you encountered and solved.
    • Strategies that you used to solve the problem. This may encompass your research works.
    • How you coordinated with other team members.
  • Summary

  • This section sums up your overall report. You have to mention such things as :
    • Your view on the overall project.
    • How did your personal works contribute to the project.
    • What was the end result of the project.
  • Some of the things that you need to remember is:
    • Your report should be free of plagiarism.
    • You must number each of your paragraphs so that you can prepare Summary Statement
    • You must mention the whereabouts of the project. For example, you must mention the starting and end date of the project, the location of the project and your responsibilities in the project.
    • Do not use the language like 'we did' or 'I was involved' in. You should write what you did.
    • You need to make sure that your career episode report is free from plagiarism.

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