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Stage 2 Competency Demonstration

Unlike CDR writing pathway, The purpose of Stage Two Competency Standards is to make an assessment for Chartered membership of Engineers Australia. Taking the Chartered membership of Engineers Australia gives an opportunity to register on the National Engineering Register. The achievement of CPEng (Chartered Professional Engineer) is recognized all over the world. It is expected that CPEng will continue to maintain competence in his/her practice arena throughout his professional career.

It is expected that Chartered Professional Engineers have unique competence, conduct and have unique way of application of the competence. 

Engineering Professionals are expected to carry out the following actions in their wider professional space and scope. 


  • recognize the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, clients and society as a whole.
  • over the course of the engineering program's or product's lifespan, work in the direction of  improving economic, social and environmental results.
  • have a successful interaction with different professions, discipline and people.
  • make certain that the contribution to engineering is well included into the totality of the project, process or program.
  • are accountable for
    • explaining about the possibilities of technologies to the government, business and society.
    • for clearly understanding how new innovations relate to the established norms, experience and practice and to other fields which have some interactive relation with them.
    • making sure that the theory and underlying principles underpin all components of a process, program or project.
    • balancing risk and ensuring long-term viability
    • making sure that the right integration of non-technical and technical considerations
    • bringing information from a variety of sources to bear on the development of solutions to complicated issues and problems.
    • making sure that the risks, costs and constraints are adequately recognized in relation to the desired results.
    • making sure the decisions related to policy are taken by keeping in sight the consequences and possibilities.
    • conducting research works for generating new technologies and principles in the engineering discipline for the advancement of engineering science.

The competency standards of Stage 2 covers all the disciplines of engineering. There are altogether four units of competency namely:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • Value in the workplace
  • Obligation to community
  • Personal Commitment

The indicators of attainment or competence are present in each of the above competency measures.Competence mainly refers to the capability required whereas the indicators of attainment represents the engineering work which can actually prove that you have attained the mentioned competence element.

The accounts of works should be presented in writing where the engineering contributions based on field practice and engineering science needs to be demonstrated. There exists several engineering practices which may be undocumented in any standards, but are practiced well under the guidance of senior engineers in a most successful way. While providing the account of work experience, such undocumented engineering practices along with the required competences should be mentioned in the engineering problems which you faced and solutions which you provided. Some of the characteristics of such engineering problems and engineering activities that needs to be demonstrated are given below : -

Engineering Problems

  • Require to fulfill conflicting and wide-ranging technical, environmental and sociological needs.
  • Have no apparent answer and require originality and research for formulating appropriate models.
  • Need to consult the basics of the subject in order to solve the problem.
  • Need to tackle seldom occuring technical problems.
  • Involve conflicting and complex requirements of stakeholders and results that affect various groups with widely differing needs.
  • Need of creation of in-time successful solutions to engineering problems.
  • Can be divided into various sub-problems

Engineering Activities

  • Coordinate various resources (involving materials, technologies, people, equipment, money and information) to obtain the in-time delivery of results.
  • Acquire solution of great troubles springing up from interactions among conflicting or wide-ranging environmental, sociological, technical and other requirements.
  • Require innovative use of engineering knowledge and principles under the guidance of the people lying at the forefront of the practice area
  • Involve such engineering works having significant results for a range of context that are difficult to predict and mitigate.
  • Use the first principles in order to extend the existing body of knowledge
  • Provide intended results on time and with appropriate budget amount.

Stage 2 separates an engineer from a function level to a proficient level. A functional level engineer have an capability of practising independently at a standard level whereas a proficient engineer has the capability of helping novice engineers to develop their skills.

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