Summary Statement is the trickiest portion of your Competency Demonstration Report writing for Engineers Australia. The competency elements for each categories of professions ranging from engineering technologists to engineering managers are given. We have to write the career episode headings on which you have proven those competency elements.

Assessors from Engineers Australia have many CDR Reports to evaluate. To ease their workloads, they start evaluation by looking at your summary statement as to how you have demonstrated the most important competency element. If you fail to mention properly, you may not get this opportunity to stand out. You may sometimes be rejected only on this ground. Therefore, writing an exact summary statement is important.

CDR Expert has been providing professional service for CDR Writing and therefore, we know the way to meticulously write your summary statement from your career episode. From our experience, we are confident that we make the best possible summary statement for you.

This 5 Day Summary statement plan is the plan which you would like to take if you are a hustler for getting your skill assessment from Engineers Australia and submitting your Expression of interest. We will carefully craft your technical proficiencies, expertise and innovative contributions through an excellent summary statement. This makes your journey to Australia quicker and your career will elevate from a simple engineer to an engineer working in top Multinational companies in Australia.

Summary Statement ( 5 Days Plan )




Features of this Service:

  1. Price Option with a great time value
  2. High chances of approval by Engineers Australia
  3. Online Delivery Mode
  4. Revisions are available for customer satisfaction
  5. Plagiarism Check Report is made available
  6. Plagiarism percentage is reduced below 10% limit.
  7. No Moneyback Guarantee
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