Summary Statement 15 Days Plan is the cheapest plan you will experience while working with us while writing your Summary Statement. If you think the migration trend will become easier in the future, you can take this plan. You are likely to get more attention and more revisions while taking this plan because it is a 15 day delivery plan. You will pay less but we still guarantee we get a good rating from you in the reviews.

This plan will constitute multiple revisions and online delivery. Your summary statement will be revised multiple times because we have long period of time to deliver you. Our tailored precision and engineering expertise of our technical writers will make sure you stand out among the candidates while getting an offer for various categories of visa available to engineers.

Summary Statement (15 Days Plan)




Features of this Service:

  1. Most Economical Pricing Option
  2. High chances of approval by Engineers Australia
  3. Online Delivery Mode
  4. Revisions are available for customer satisfaction
  5. Plagiarism Check Report is made available
  6. Plagiarism percentage is reduced below 10% limit.
  7. No Moneyback Guarantee
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