Australia’s Hot Job Market: The most demanded Jobs in Australia


If you want to upscale your career to an entirely next level, you need to have information about the most demanded jobs in Australia. Australian government regularly does research about the job market in Australia. This will list the most demanded jobs in Australia during different quarters of the fiscal year in Australia.

Most Demanded Jobs in Australia

Let’s get the overview of the top 5 most demanded jobs in Australia according to Jobs and Skills Australia report. This list is exclusively based on three sources namely national 2022 SPL skills shortage ratings, job vacancies data from IVI and projected growth of national employment in Australia over the next five years until the end of 2026, all covered under Jobs and Skill Australia website.

1 Registered Nurses

From October to November 2022, there were 8,377 job vacancies related to Registered Nurses, making it the top-most demanded job in Australia. This skill tops the list because there are not many people in Australia who have the required skillset and dedication to become a competent registered nurse in Australia.

2 Software and Applications Programmers

This engineering Field comes immediately after the Registered Nurse field. Among all IT related professions which require the skillset of ANZSCO Level 1, 2 and 3, three IT related sectors have come under the top 20 most demanded job in Australia, namely, Software and Applications Programmers, ICT Business and Systems Analysts and Database and System Administrators together with ICT security Specialists. According to the Australian Job outlook website, jobs in the IT industry has been projected to grow by 11.6%.

3. Aged and Disabled Carers

The number of IVI jobs posted for this category is 4642 during October to November 2022. It is a profession closely related to Nursing.

4. Child Carers

Child Carers had 4277 jobs listed during October to November 2022. This occupation is also related to the medical field.

5. Construction Managers

This profession is an engineering profession and requires the skillset of ANZSCO Skill level 1. There were 4230 jobs posted during October to November 2022 in this category. This is the fifth highest most demanded job in Australia. It is also true that Construction jobs grew by highest percentage of 11.8 among all other jobs during 2022 and it has continued to grow in 2023. Another positive point that could interest an engineer aspiring to land in a construction manager job in Australia is that there are many qualified applicants, but only few are most suitable. If you are competent enough, you could land a high-paying construction manager job.
According to ABS , Construction industry increased its job by 136200 and the highest portion of increase has been attributed to ANZSCO Skill Level 1.
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To see the continuing changes of job trends, we consider some more data back from 2022. If we consider the monthly average demands of jobs based on the job ads in between October to November of 2022, we will see that among the top 5 job ads, two job ads are related to Engineers. The jobs related to Software and Applications programmers are ranked second with 6269 job ads and Construction manager jobs are ranked 5th with 4230 job ads.
In May 2023, the job market in Australia hasn’t hit the top level of 2022. However, the demands for Skilled Level 1 professionals is still growing. JSA’s Internet Vacancy Index has shown that that job advertisements increased by 2.8%) between December 2022 and March 2023, to stand at 282,100.
The good news is that 2022 was the year which saw the least unemployment rate in Australia in the last 50 years and in 2023, the rate of demands for skilled professionals is still increasing. The data of ABS Labour Force Survey for the February 2023 quarter shows that the largest employment gains were obtained for the Skill Level 1 Occupations, surging up by 1.2 percent. And it is even more overwhelming to know that 92% of the total employment growth occurred in such fields which requires post school qualifications.
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